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K.I. bungee jumping, teambuilding

Teambuilding & adrenalin

Experiences, skills and informations obtained by very strong emotional enjoyment are markedly written into your awareness. You can prepare such an incredible experiences for you staff or clientage, they will never ever forget about. K.I.Bungee can provide you by first- rate quality service in adrenaline, teambuilding or development through adventure experience programs.
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Come to JUMP!

From May 19 until September 30, 2018: every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am - 5 pm on Zvikov Bridge.

You can try classical bungee jump, Swing jump, Fly Fox, jump with water contact and tandem jump.Read here.

The process of dealing

Do you want to find more about the process? Just look at our form and we can prepare not-committal proposal for you.

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Photos from teambuilding


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7 reasons why to choose K.I.Bungee

1. our company is providing you by original adrenaline activities

2. Huge amount of activities

3. Turn-key operation teambuilding programs

4. Experienced in TV productions

5. Our team is creative and experienced

6. Proffessional quality videos and photos of our enterprises

7. Real fun for everyone!

Our video: Ukázka z Udělám cokoli (ČT)

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Beauty of the nature and adrenaline

Did you ever experienced drinking pure water from the river you are rafting on?

Julské Alpy ve Slovinsku

Alps are abosulte top ones for sprting programs in the water.

Unforgettable canoying, rafting, kayaking and many other activities are the best option for your teambuilding.

We recommend number up to 30 people and timing between 3-4 days. Many movies were filmed in this scenery.

Detailed program (powerpoint)

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