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Teambuilding and adrenaline

About us

Do you want to know with who you will meet at the Zvíkovs bridge? You can meet people from a wide range of disciplines, but above all with students - with future educators, journalists or rescuers and doctors. We are a team of diverse people who loves the their unusual job - bungee jumping. We are committed to maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for every jumper, but your safety is of course our priority.

Our references

What are our references? Let's say a huge crowd of happy jumpers. Ask in your neighborhood if someone tried a bungee jump in Czech Republic. It was probably at our Zvíkovs bridge. K.I. Bungee Jump is the founder and pioneer of bungee jumping in Bohemia since 1993.


Each of our instructors has been trained and most of them have several years of experience right on the bridge. The instructors themselves also tried out all possible and at first sight impossible jumps on the bungee rope. In addition, we have experience in mountaineering, rope activities and adrenaline sports.

There are also people who have gone through photographic courses or are actively engaged in audiovisual works, so we try to make the photo/video documentation of the jump as proffesional as we can.