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Teambuinding and adrenaline

Bungee jump as a gift

Original and unforgotten adrenaline gift

You can choose
exact date and time

Delivery by post
or by email

You can also give a bungee jump from the Zvíkov bridge as a gift! We believe that the best gift is an unforgettable experience. And the experience of bungee jumping is not forgettable so easy. A gift with such a strong experience is truly rare. You can get the voucher by post or print it yourself from email.

by post

Fill your mailing address and we'll send you the voucher by Czech Post. If you are abroad, please choose the email version.

by email

We can also send a gift voucher via e-mail. It is significantly faster & much more easier. We will send the voucher immediately upon receipt of the payment to our bank account.

What people said just after jump:

"The free fall and a weightless state? It's like a dream!"

"Yeah, this is freedom! Jump and fly out of the bridge!"

"This is probably stronger than an orgasm!"

"Can I go again?"

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