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Teambuilding and adrenaline

Bungee Jump at the Zvíkovs Bridge


The first bungee jump! We are those who brought bungee jumping to Czech Republic

Wonderful Zvíkov Bridge

The unique atmosphere of jump above Vltava River will fascinate yourself


Since 1993 we accomplish International Standards of Safety

We had started at Zvíkovs bridge since 1993 and with some exaggeration we could say that we are the founders and pioneers of bungee jumping in the Czech Republic!

We offered this legendary adrenaline sport for the public more than a quarter of a century ago, which was a rarity in our country at that time. Perhaps you are part of the long list of jumpers who have passed through the hands of our trained instructors. The qualities of the training are testified by the fact that some of our instructors have started their own bungee jumping course after gaining experience with K.I. Bungee Jump.

But, if you try bungee jumping anywhere else, you can always see that the Zvíkov bridge has some indescribable magicion - the magicion that you'll even dream of. Don't you believe? Come and try!

Bungee jumping is the true overcoming of yourself. Climb the railing, deep breath, fast heartbeat and a strange feeling of tingling all over your body... Absorb the feeling. It's just you and the deep valley under your legs. Three, two, one... JUMP!

Price list

1500 Kč — Bungee jump » more about Bungee jump
1500 Kč — Swing jump » more about Swing jump
2000 Kč — Bungee jump to the water » more about Bungee to the water
3000 Kč — Tandem (jump in pair) » more about Tandem
Upon prior arrangement — Rope jumping » more about Rope jumping


Photos: 400 Kč » illustration
Video: 700 Kč » illustration
T-shirt: 300 Kč » illustration
Postage for voucher (Czech post): 150 Kč » illustration


We are here since 1993


Without injuries, accomplishing international standards


Incredible experiences and memories


Cooperation with companies and television